About Sigma-X

Sigma-X distributes, supports and develops finite element analysis, structural reliability analysis and geotechnical structural engineering software for the structural and offshore oil & gas industries. Sigma-X also carry out structural engineering consulting work using the above software.

At Sigma-X we make a strong commitment to our customers, employees, partners and other important stakeholders. We state proudly our five principles that guide us in everything we do:

• Quality First: Quality of service and product will always be a priority at Sigma-X. We continue to emphasize our quality first culture as we grow our business in new and existing markets. Delivering the highest quality service is and always will be a major cornerstone of our promise to our customers.

• Create Lifelong Customers: We take nothing for granted in our efforts to earn the confidence and loyalty of our customers. We listen to customers to make sure we are meeting their needs, and are connecting with them on their terms. Through our relationship with customers, we strive to create and tailor our services to their needs.

• Innovate: We challenge ourselves to be creative and lead in everything we do. From implementing the smallest improvements to executing big ideas, we are constantly increasing our competitive advantage to delight and excite our customers and partners.

• Deliver Long-Term Investment Value: Our shareholders want to feel confident about their decision to invest in our company. By providing world class service and support, developing bespoke software, building upon our current strong financial position, growing our business and operating with the highest level of integrity, we will continue to deliver positive results.

• Make a Positive Difference: We strive to make a difference in our world and in our workplace. Whether finding new ways to improve our business operations, achieving as part of a team or volunteering in the community, we know that our momentum is tied to positive change. Sigma-X makes annual donations to community based artistic events.


Sigma-X’s mission is to distribute, support and develop practical, bespoke and innovative finite element, structural reliability and geotechnical analysis and design software for the structural and offshore oil & gas engineering industries.

Managing Director, James Lee

James received his bachelor’s degree in structural engineering from the National University of Galway, Ireland, an MSc in bridge engineering and a PhD in computational mechanics from the University of Surrey, England. James is a chartered member of the Institute of Structural Engineers with over twenty years’ experience in the structural engineering. His experience encompasses the analysis, design, software distribution, software development, software support and research and development areas of the structural engineering industry.

James's research and development experience includes the experimental static and experimental dynamic testing of prototype fibre reinforced footbridge beams and highway structures. Practical expericence includes the structural analysis, design and detailing of post tensioned floors, retaining walls, piled foundations and bridge beams. Bespoke experience includes fatigue analyses, fibre reinforced culvert design, noise and vibration analyses, slope stability and geotechnical analyses. Software experience includes distribution, support, training and development of various finite element and structural reliability analysis software programs for structural and offshore oil & gas engineering software houses.

The common theme through James's work is the understanding of structural analyses from first principles and his ability to model these principles if necessary to the advanced finite element analysis level. James is an expert in the use of the finite element analysis method. He is also proficient in the use of modern object orientated programming languages which he is continuously using to develop structural and offshore oil & gas engineering software to commercial standard.