Fine Civil Engineering Software has been developing and supplying software for structural and geotechnical engineers since 1989. Currently their software serves more than 3000 users in more than 90 countries of the world. The company's geotechnical product is GEO5 which is an abbreviation for Geotechnical Engineering Software.

GEO5 software helps addresses a wide variety of geotechnical problems. Besides common geotechnical engineering tasks, the suite also includes highly sophisticated applications for the analysis of tunnels, building damage due to tunnelling, stability of rock slopes and digital terrain modelling. GEO5 consists of wide range of powerful programs based on analytical methods and the finite element method.


AbutmentThe program serves to verify abutment design. It checks the abutment for overturning, translation, bearing capacity of foundation soil.
BeamThe program provides the analysis of foundation beams resting on elastic subsoil. The program calculates Winkler spring parameters used in soil structure/pipeline interaction and the deformation characteristics of layered soils. It has a simple input of layer geometry, a built-in database of soils and rocks. Load types include force, moment, strip and trapezoidal loads and imposed deformations.
Cantilever WallThe program is used to verify cantilever wall design. It offers a number of wall shapes and checks reinforced concrete cross-sections. It performs the analysis of internal stability (overturning, translation, load-bearing capacity of foundation soil), limit states and factors of safety, earthquake effects (Mononobe-Okabe, Arrango), berms in front of the structure, modelling of water in front and behind the structure, modelling of artesian water. The soil pressures types include active, passive and reduced passive for the calculation of the effective and total earth pressure parameters.

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