ProductDescriptionPriceAdd to CartQuantity
Slope StabilitySlope stability analysis€620
Sheeting CheckCheck Excavation shoring design software (Non-linear elastic/plastic model)€620
Sheeting DesignDesign and analyses of various excavation and wall types€450
Cantilever WallCantilever wall design and check€450
AbutmentDesign and verification of bridge abutment€540
BeamBeam on elastic subgrade€540
Earth PressuresAnalysis of earth pressures €450
Earth PressuresAnalysis of earth pressures€450
FEMModelling of various geotechnical problems by FE analysis€2350
FEM TunnelExtension of program FEM – analysis of tunnel€2350
FEM Water FlowExtension of program FEM – analysis of steady state water flow€650
Gabion Wall Design and verification of gabion wall€450
Gravity WallMassive gravity retaining wall design and check€450
Ground LossSettlement above tunnels + prediction of building damage€1070
Masonry WallDesign and verification of reinforced masonry wall€450
MicropileVerification of a micropile€450
MSEWall Mechanically stabilized earth wall design and analysis€540
Nailed SlopesDesign and check of reinforced soil nailed walls and slopes€450
Pile CPTVerification of piles based on CPTs€540
Pile GroupAnalysis of group of piles (raft foundations, pile cap)€700
PilesVerification of a single pile€540
PlateFinite element analysis of foundation and floor slabs€1300
Prefab WallVerification and dimensioning of prefabricated (block) wall€450
Rock StabilityStability analysis of rock slopes€620
SettlementTerrain settlement caused by surcharge and change of GWT€450
Spread FootingDesign and verification of spread footing foundations€540
TerrainDigital terrain model (DTM) + excavation volumes€1200

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