Fine Civil Engineering Software has been developing and supplying software for structural and geotechnical engineers since 1989. Currently their software serves more than 3000 users in more than 90 countries of the world. The company's geotechnical product is GEO5 which is an abbreviation for Geotechnical Engineering Software.

GEO5 software helps addresses a wide variety of geotechnical problems. Besides common geotechnical engineering tasks, the suite also includes highly sophisticated applications for the analysis of tunnels, building damage due to tunnelling, stability of rock slopes and digital terrain modelling. GEO5 consists of wide range of powerful programs based on analytical methods and the finite element method.

GEO5 software can be purchased directly from Sigma-X. The sales process typically involves Sigma-X discussing the technical requirement with the purchaser over the telephone and/or by email.

Licence Option

A standalone licence can be used on one computer. A network license can be used by a defined number of users at the same time. Network licences cost 130% of standalone licences.

GEO5 licences are sold in perpetuity however we strongly recommend keeping licences maintenanced as major GEO5 upgrades are issued annually.

How to Purchase

All purchases are initiated by telephone or email to Sigma-X. We issue a pro forma invoice and then upon approval an invoice. As we do not give credit we issue a receipt and dispatch the software upon receipt of payment.

Customers may purchase GEO5 in Sterling or Euro using bacs, online banking, PayPal or by debit/credit card. Sigma-X banking details are written on our invoices. All sales outside of the Ireland are VAT free if the purchaser provides a VAT number.

Annual Maintenance

Maintenance is optional and is an addition cost to the software purchase price. It cost 15% of the current price of the licenced software and is charged annually. Maintenance entitles the customer to technical support, upgrades and updates of GEO5 software.

As GEO5 releases a major upgrade annually it is strongly recommended that customers keep their software maintained. Also to comply with quality management systems it is a standard requirement to keep software maintained. A single upgrade is 0% for maintained and 20% of the price of all purchased licences for non-maintained clients.

Volume Discounts

Purchases of 3 to 4 programs are discounted by 5%.

Purchases of 5 to 8 programs are discounted by 10%.

Purchases of 9 to 11 programs are discounted by 15%.

Purchases of over 11 programs are discounted by 20%.

Price List

The prices listed are for the first local licence of GEO5 software. The price of the first network licence is 130% of the prices listed. Additional local and network licences are discounted.

Product Description Price
Slope Stability

Slope stability analysis.

Sheeting Check

Excavation shoring design software (Non-linear elastic/plastic model).

Sheeting Design Design of various shoring excavation and retaining wall types. €450
Cantilever Wall Cantilever retaining wall design. €450
Gravity Wall Massive gravity wall design software. €450
MSE Wall Mechanically stabilized earth wall design and analysis. €550
Gabion Design and verification of gabion retaining wall. €450
Masonry Wall Design and verification of reinforced masonry wall. €450
Prefab Wall Design and analysis of block walls. €450
Prefab Wall Design and analysis of block walls. €450
Nailed Slope Design of soil nail walls and slopes. €450
Anti-Slide Pile Verification of anti-slide pile (for stabilizing slopes). €650
Earth Pressures Earth pressures calculation. €450
Spread Footing Design of spread footings. €550
Pile Verification of a single pile. €550
Micropile Verification of a micropile. €450
Pile Group Analysis of group of piles (pile raft foundations with rigid pile cap). €700
Pile CPT Verification of pile or a pile group based on CPTs. €550
Beam Beam on elastic foundations. €450
Slab (Plate) Design of foundation mat and slab (FE). €1200
Settlement Terrain settlement caused by surcharge and change of GWT. €450
Ground Loss Settlement above tunnels and prediction of building damage. €1200
Abutment Design of bridge abutments and wing walls. €550
Terrain Digital terrain modeling (DTM) and excavation volumes. €1200
Rock Stability Rock slope stability design. €650
Shaft Circular shaft design software. €650
FEM Modelling of various geotechnical problems by FE analysis. €2350
FEM – Tunnel

Analysis of tunnels.

Requires the FEM program to run.

FEM – Water Flow

Groundwater seepage analysis.

Requires the FEM program to run.

FEM – Consolidation

Time dependent settlement analysis.

Requires the FEM program to run.

Additional Languages Additional output language (price per one program and language) - EN, ES, PT, SK, EL, PL, RO, CZ, HR, TU, CH, VI, FR, BU, RU, IT, DE. €100
Product Description Price
GEO5 Package Professional

All programs.

This represents a 43% discount.

GEO5 Package Basic

All programs excluding FEM, Ground Loss and Shaft.

This represents a 40% discount.

GEO5 Foundation Design

Spread Footing, Pile, Micropile, Pile Group, Pile CPT, Beam, Slab programs.

This represents a 19% discount.

GEO5 Excavation Analysis

Slope Stability, Sheeting Check & Design, Anti-Slide Pile, Earth Pressures programs (30% discount).

GEO5 Redi-Rock Wall Package

Design of Redi Rock gravity walls and MSE walls with PC blocks. Spread Footing, Settlement and Slope Stability.

Product Description Price
GEO5 Package Educational 10

All programs for educational purposes (network version – 10 seats).

A request form must be completed to avail of this package.

GEO5 Package Educational 50

All programs for educational purposes (network version – 50 seats).

A request form must be completed to avail of this package.

GEO5 Package Research

All programs for research purposes .

A request form must be completed to avail of this package.